陈茂   Prof. Dr. Chen Mao

Office Address:
           Department of Macromolecular Science
           Chemistry Building B5094
           Songhu Road 2005
           Fudan University (Jiangwan Campus)
           Yangpu, Shanghai, 200438

           复旦大学 江湾校区
           化学楼 B5094
           邮编 200438


        PolyMao 团队热忱欢迎对高分子感兴趣的同学(本科生、硕士/博士研究生、博士后)加入本课题组,共同创造更多有意思的化学与材料!
        We are looking for and welcome highly-motivated individuals interested in polymer chemistry! We have positions available at different levels. Please contact Dr. Chen (chenmao@fudan.edu.cn) to explore the opportunities.          
         As influenced by COVID-19, our policy prohibits visiting student or scholar for experiments, currently.
        Prospective postdocs with a proven track of reasearch experience and expertise in polymer synthesis or organic synthesis are encouraged to apply. Please send your CV (1 page maximum) with a short description of your research interests directly to Dr. Chen.
        Graduate Students      
        We are actively recruiting enthusiastic and motivated graduate students to join our research team. Students with background of polymer or orgainc chemistry and have interest in polymer science, including developing novol polymerization methods and technologies, designing "smart" polymer materials are welcome to contact Dr. Chen for more information.    
         If you are already admitted to the Department of Macromolecular Science at Fudan University, you are welcome to contact Dr. Chen to discuss potential projects and possibilities. If you are planning to apply our department, you can also email Dr. Chen for consultation.
         Undergraduate Students    
         We sincerely invite undergraduate students, who are interested in polymer chemistry at Fudan to join PolyMao team. Please email Dr. Chen for more information.