2021/01/18:   Our work "Facile Synthesis of Gradient Copolymers Enabled by Droplet-Flow Photo-Controlled Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization" accepted for publication in Science China Chemistry as a research article. Congratulations to Mr. Yang Zhou and the whole team!

2021/01/01:  Mao accepted the invitation as a member of Promotion Editors of Science China Materials, which is supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a leading journal of materials from China.

2020/12/31:  Our work "Strengthening Polyethylene Thermoplastic through A Dynamic Covalent Networking Additive Based on Alkylboron Chemistry" accepted for publication in Macromolecules as a research article. Congratulations to Mr. Zongtao Wang and the whole team!

2020/12/17:  Mao accepted the invitation as a member of the Early-Career Advisory Board of ChemPhotoChem.

2020/12/05: Our collaborative work "Interfacial growth of free-standing PANI films: toward high-performance all-polymer supercapacitors" accepted for publication in Chemical Science. Congratulations to Mr. Fuyao Zhong and all collaborators!

2020/11/20: Our invited review "Challenges and recent developments of photoflow-RDRP" accepted for publication in the special issue of RDRP in Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (高分子科学). Congratulations to Ms. Zhuoran Zhong and the whole team!

2020/11/19: Our collaborative work "A functionalized metal organic framework-laden nanoporous polymer electrolyte for exceptionally stable lithium electrodeposition" accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. Congratulations to Ms. Xia Qing and all collaborators!

2020/11/04: Mr. Yucheng Zhao was interviewed for winning the National Scholarship as "追光青年". Congratulations!

2020/11/03: Mao won "Dow Innovation Challenge Award".

2020/10/28: Our work "Investigations into CTA-differentiation involved polymerization of fluorous monomers: exploitation of experimental variances in fine-tuning of molecular weights" accepted for publication in Polymer Chemistry as an invited article for the special issue of 2021 Polymer Chemistry Pioneering Investigator. Congratulations to Mr. Yu Gu and the whole team!

2020/10/28: Congratulations to our group members for winning scholarships (2020年, 课题组奖学金英雄榜): Mr. Yucheng Zhao: National Scholarship (国家奖学金);Mr. Qinzhi Quan, Mr. Yang Zhou, Ms. Mingyu Ma, Mr. Shantao Han and Mr. Kaixuan Chen: Outstanding Performance Scholarship (优秀学生奖学金).

2020/10/09-12: Mao gave an invited talk on "中国化学会全国光功能材料青年学者研讨会",Nanchang, China.

2020/09/10: Our work "Light-Intensity Switch Enabled Nonsynchronous Growth of Fluorinated Raspberry-Like Nanoparticles'' accepted for publication in Chemical Science. Congratulations to Mr. Shantao Han and the whole team! Highlighted by 高分子科技

2020/08/25: Our collaborative work "Porous Polymeric Ligand Promoted Copper-Catalyzed C-N Coupling of (Hetero)aryl Chlorides under Visible-Light Irradiation" accepted for publication in Science China Chemistry. Congratulations to Dr. Erfei Wang and the whole team! Many thanks to collaborations from Prof. X. Lin.

2020/08/12: Our work "Photoorganocatalyzed Divergent Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization toward Linear and Branched Fluoropolymers" (有机光催化“多样化”可控自由基聚合:助力精确调控氟聚合物拓扑结构) accepted for publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congratulations to Mr. Yucheng Zhao and the whole team! Highlighted by WileyChemSelected as Hot Paper by Angewandte Chemie.

2020/08/01: Mr. Erfei Wang ("WePhosHe left, with a polymeric ligand named after!) and Ms. Haiyan Duan passed the defence for the Doctor Degree. Mr. Fuyao Zhong passed the defence for his Master Degree. Congratulations, thanks for their contributions and good luck to them!